Grimerican Pie: Episode Art Contest

The Grimerican Pie Episode Art Competition is on again!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
There’s been a change to the schedule! This week’s release will in fact be: Wil Thornhil, authour of “The Electric Universe” which argues that the universe is in fact driven more by electrical conduction than the gas driven model favoured by current scientists. Learn more about Thornhil and his theories HERE

Episode artwork will still be due by Midnite PDT September 1st, and voting will be open until 7pm PDT September 2nd.


If your looking for a little more freedom to work your creative magic, then please consider submitting T-shirt and sticker designs for The Grimerica Show, STARTING NOW!

Imagine Grimericans the world over, wearing your designs on T shirts, plastering your art on the rear windows of their cars in vinyl sticker form. That’s right, Grimerica will be creating merchandise made for Grimericans by Grimericans!

You and I both know your harbouring at least one worthy image, a flight of fancy that’s been tickling your brain, trying to get out. Maybe it was born during one of Graham’s famed ramblings, or awakened by a guest who challenged your perceptions. Regardless, don’t you dare keep that vision to yourself! Draw it, photograph it, and let us print it up for you! You could be famous…or infamous, your limited only by the boundaries of your own creativity.

Please submit your artistic designs to

Submit artwork to THERE IS NO DEADLINE!!! KEEP ‘EM COMING!!!

Looking forward to seeing your work,

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