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A Far And Reaching Darkness

Some exciting news! Matt Schmitz (A.K.A Matt in The Hat) and I will be collaborating on a collection of short stories. He will be authoring them and I will be providing the illustrations.

The first in our treasury “A Far and Reaching Darkness” was originally posted on The Grimerica Show website, and now can be found at Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Smashwords respectively!

Schmitz’s literary voice brims with the kind of tongue in cheek nihilistic abandon that would make Camus or Sartre chuckle wryly. He shrugs his shoulders, bemused by the mechanical antics of modern life and grins unflinchingly at the inevitable approach of oblivion. My words alone cannot do his piece justice, only a reading for yourself can accomplish that:

Please help support independent artists like ourselves by purchasing this story from:


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