The “Lost Bread” graphic novel series is the story my lucid dreams, and how they sometimes seep into my waking reality. I serve as both writer and illustrator, because I am, so far as I know,  the only one with access to the domain of my subconscious.

I find myself dreaming even when I’m awake.

I started recording my dreams in 2012. It was during a difficult time in my life, when the conscious world seemingly had little to offer. I soon came to notice several peculiarities upon doing so.

The first being, I am never myself in my dreams. All the characters I’ve collected throughout my waking life, friends, celebrities, and other odd bodies who’ve left an impression appear as they are, or as I perceive them. As for myself, I always appear in body as a rather ungainly young man, though my mind and my thoughts remain the same.


An interpretation of my dream self.



I tend to have very unsettling, surreal dreams which, I suppose most people would call nightmares. As for myself, I’m not entirely sure where the division between dream and nightmare lies anymore.

It may be because of the disturbing nature of my nightly caprices that I started lucid dreaming, as an escape… because you see, I can’t wake myself up.

For some people, a lucid dream means they have full control over their subconscious environment. For me, this is not the case. People have a great many tricks they like to offer but the truth is, I don’t think I’d want to take up the reigns. Controlling the dream would mean my experience would be limited by my own conscious wants and desires. I prefer to walk as a foreigner through my dreamscape, ever enthralled by the merciful insanity of it all. The mundane world can be such a desolate place.

My dreams inspire my artwork, which I create for various clients including: The Grimerica Show Podcast,  The TruFaux Sho, author Carl Joseph Demarco, The Alex Stein Podcast, The Big Stupid Podcast and comedian Andy Erikson.  You can buy prints of my work or commission your own piece through this very site-and get whisked away by the madness yourself.

Oh. You might be asking yourself what the name “Lost Bread” has to do with dreams. In French, the popular breakfast dish “French Toast” is actually called “Pain Perdu” or lost bread. Every dream essentially ends with waking, and breakfast always seems like sort of a lure to coax blissful dreamers out of bed. See if you can find all the references to this hidden in the background of “Lost Bread”, as well as other bewildering tidbits I’ve planted in my pages.


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