Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had nightmares that pretty much kicked my ass. I don’t know why. My childhood wasn’t really any more traumatic than the usual. Where things take a turn for the weird here is that unlike seemingly everyone else in the world, I can’t wake up from them. Yeah, it’s pretty much as bad as it sounds. It’s not all wet sheets and sobs though! As a result of this little glitch, I stumbled upon lucid dreaming pretty early on. Basically, a lucid dream happens when you become conscious of dreaming. When you catch on, you can start to pull the strings from within…kind of, it doesn’t always work out perfectly. Lucid dreamers usually have what’s called a dreamsign, or something that signals you to the fact that you are dreaming. For whatever reason, my dream sign is Meg Ryan, the beloved rom com queen of the 90′s. I don’t know why, but I suspect it has to do with compulsive viewings of Top Gun as a child. My young mind heard: “Take me to bed or lose me forever!” And damned if I didn’t do just that! I suppose I’m lucky that Tom Cruise doesn’t saunter around in my dreamscape, (shirtless, with a volleyball in hand, a beckoning smile… but hey, to each their own!) Anyway, I’ve decided to try and illustrate some of my dreams here for your amusement. You’re welcome. – Napoléon Doom

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Napoleon Doom Author/Artist/Dreamer/Weird Kid

I've never been much good at anything besides sleeping and drawing, and I certainly never expected I'd be able to make a career out of either! That was until I discovered "The Grimerica Show" a weekly podcast that dove headfirst into esoteric and fortean phenomenon (basically all the hidden weirdness in life.) One such episode dealt with lucid dreaming, or becoming aware that you are dreaming within a dream. I'd had experiences like this my whole life, but never really paid it much mind. After listening to said podcast, I was inspired to start recording my dreams, and draw imagery from them. Eventually, I found the courage to reach out and share these in a blog hosted on Grimerica's very own webpage. Hearking back to my childhood love of Richard Scarry books, I incorporated hidden imagery into my backgrounds, relevant to the podcast. Listeners seem to enjoy these little "Easter Egg hunts" and things really took off from there! I started doing weekly episode art for Grimerica's broadcasts, designed T-shirts and even landed illustration projects with other authours I connected to through the show. It's proof that following your dreams (literally in my case) can pay off! Today, I've compiled the first book in my original web series "Lost Bread" for Grimerica. This continuing chronicle of my dreamlife has crossed over into the corporeal, and is now available in both paperback and ebook formats. P.S. Don't forget to check out Grimerica for my latest work and their usual mind broadening podcasts.

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Lost Bread, these people had a slice and loved it!

  • "I love it! I love this web comic so much, I want to eat it! :)"

    - The Nocturnal Writer
  • I have to admit, this webcomic is becoming a favorite of mine. I look forward to each issue. I love finding the Easter eggs. But have I found them all? There are so many, I don’t know. Great artwork my man. Keep up the good stuff!

    - Fortean Mind
  • Love it buddy!! I honestly don’t know how you pump so many of these out. Hope you keep on dreaming;)

    - Graham Dunlop
  • Gaaaaah! The suspense! What happens next? Another great chapter, Napoléon.

    - Evan Forsch
  • Your art is fantastic and the story disturbing; that means very good in my world.

    - The Broken Down Scribbler


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